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Minimalism Is

Minimalism is not about counting. Minimalism is about being.

Minimalism is not about having the right number of things. Minimalism is about living the right kind of life.

Minimalism shares its goal with every philosophy: to discern what is important. But instead of achieving that goal by building up structures in the mind, minimalism suggests that the discovery of what is important is perhaps best aided by identifying and removing the unimportant from ones life.

As we journey toward the discovery of what is truly important, we discover too the strength to absolve ourselves of concern for the unimportant. This is the most vital and most difficult part of minimalism: releasing oneself from care for things that do not really matter but which nonetheless unrelentingly vie for our attention.

Minimalism is the art of redirection. We are constantly pulled away from that which truly fulfills, and minimalism is one way of filtering our decisions, and thereby filtering our lives. Minimalism helps us fight back against the pull, against the clutter of the inconsequential.

At its core, minimalism is not about having things or not having things. It is not a counting contest. It is not a contest at all.

Minimalism is about living.

Minimalism is about being.

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